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Well, I figured it was time for me to re-establish a web presence on the internet.  My past websites have long since expired, and as I was job hunting this time around I discovered just how useful it would be if I had a place to show off my work.

Of course most of the work that I do is behind-the-scenes and never directly shows up on-screen. So this blog is my way to take what is in my head and spill it out for all to see.  Whether or not anybody but me actually finds the stuff in my head interesting is yet to be seen, of course.

So what are my plans for this blog?  Well, my ultimate goal is to produce indie CG films by myself or with a small group.  This involves a lot of planning on the technical side to make it feasible.  And (ideally) I am employed full-time in the computer graphics industry, and have a wife and son at home who I love coming home to everyday.  So with work and family taking a priority, my little side project of world domination always takes a backseat by necessity.  This blog is a way for me to keep the fires burning on my side project, and encourage me to learn new things.

My basic thoughts on pipelines for computer graphic films is that they get too complex.  They get too complex for a single technical person to understand all the ways the parts interact with one another, and they get too complex for the artists to truly understand what comes before and after their bit of work.  So my goal is to simplify CG production as much as possible.  This blog won’t be the place to find the latest and greatest technology in computer graphics.  Most of the topics I will talk about will have been around in the computer graphics community for years, if not decades.  It will however hopefully be the place to explore the basics, the absolute core of what is needed to put a cg film on screen.  And by focusing on just the basics, I hope to explore ways to make cg production faster and more efficient.

I also hope to draw attention to some of the indie CG productions currently in release, or in development.  I hope to share some of my own ideas on what I think works and what doesn’t.

But most of all I hope to just have fun with the blog, and have fun exploring some topics that interest me.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get some pretty pictures out of the endeavor.  Maybe I’ll be so boring that my site can help cure insomnia.  I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned and see.

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