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Ten Things to Make Your Renders Suck Less

| January 29, 2010

I made a posting over at CGTalk recently, and it seems to be useful to a lot of people.  I’m reproducing the suggestions here for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 1) Motivate your lights – As much as possible, every light in your scene should have a logical source to it. Is your key light coming […]

Star Blazers!

| January 4, 2010

Ok, how cool is this?  It looks like in Japan they are making a live-action movie for the manga Space Cruiser Yamato.  The anime version of this show aired in America back in the late 1970’s under the name Star Blazers.  I remember rushing home from elementary school so that I could catch it on […]

Welcome to 2010

| January 1, 2010

I really did have the best intentions of blogging in 2009.  Honest!  But a change of jobs, trans-Atlantic move, stricter contract, and birth of my daughter all conspired to keep me pretty quiet on the internet this past year.  Well, here’s hoping that changes in 2010.  The safe money is on my updating this blog […]