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My family and I have relocated to Texas from California, but all of our possessions are boxed up somewhere still in Cali, looking for an empty truck to be loaded into so they can make it over here. Apparently a lot of people are moving out of California and not as many people moving into it, so empty trucks are a bit scarce.

Alas, my main desktop computers are tucked away inside those shipments, and the only computer I’ve had with me for the past month or so is my Toshiba Netbook. I love how light the Netbook is and have written a ton of code on it using the Kate text editor, but this little single-core Atom-based machine isn’t going to be winning any speed records.

I’ve recently moved into developing apps for Android devices, and it amazes me that I can take this little Netbook computer, hook up my smartphone to it via USB, and write applications for the device. Sweet! Need to test the app on the tablet? Just hook up the tablet and run the app on there. Once everything is set up, it’s pretty much easy peasy.

But the Eclipse environment used for Android app development definitely wasn’t designed to be used on a 1024×600 resolution screen. In the standard configuration I have about 12 lines of text to work with in the code editor. I think my old Atari 800 displayed more lines than that! As a result I have to keep a lot more of the flow of the program in my head and concentrate on coding a few lines at a time. It ain’t pretty, but it can work.

I’m really looking forward to our stuff being shipped an being able to work on my desktop machine again. Maybe later this week. Maybe next. The shipping company isn’t quite sure yet…..



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