Kidworth Teaches Families How to Manage Money Wisely


The idea for Kidworth came to founder, Rudy DeFelice, at a five-year-old’s birthday party. As he observed the birthday kid opening gift after gift in a frenzy probably not unlike this past Christmas morning at millions of homes, he recalls: One dad pointed out that the pile represented $600 of plastic that would soon end […]

Creating a Family Mission Statement with Marble Jar, the App that Celebrates Success

Photo Nov 07, 10 17 23 PM

Morning are a huge struggle for our family. HUGE! Regardless of how early and smoothly bedtimes occur or how much prep we do the night before, there always seems to be something… SOMETHING… that throws us into a tailspin and makes getting out the door on time impossible. Either I misplace my keys and we […]

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