The Parenting Bar Has Offically Been Lowered to “Realistic”


The first time Scout spent a night away from us he was six months old. He stayed with… who else? My parents! Packing entailed… An hour by hour schedule of his day– typed, color-coded, and placed in a sheet protector. Detailed instructions on his bedtime routine (Also typed, color-coded, and placed in a sheet protector) […]

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Just when I thought I was having a rough night…

…my friend updates her Facebook status with this: I’m nine months pregnant, my two year old has the stomach flu and we’re on our way to the ER because our four year old has a lego stuck in his sinus cavity. Oh, and the good ER doesn’t accept Blue Cross/Shield, so we have to go […]

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Mommy Says “Moo”

Hello, Darkness, my old friend...

My sweet baby girl is a week old today, so this was supposed to be a post about the crazy, hazy first few days with a newborn. The round-the-clock feedings, sleep deprivation, diaper, diapers, diapers… Oh, haha! If only life could be such a cliche. Within 24 hours of giving our girl the grand tour […]

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Officially Smitten


One Very Proud Big Brother

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Protected: Introducing….


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Because I Didn’t Go to BlogHer and Have Nothing Else To Talk About

While most of my bloggy besties were off cavorting and elbowing babies for swag at some weak little conference in Chicago (hehe), I spent the better part of my weekend at HOME willing my water to break… Clearly, that did NOT happen… very, very, very much to my disappointment. Yeah, I had hoped she would […]

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Cold, Fizzy Lime-flavored Nostagia


I bought a pint of sherbet earlier this week and have been snacking on it every night since. “Naturally low fat” and “High in Vitamin C” the container says, but that’s not what I dig most about it. I love that it brings me back to childhood. Half a gallon of Blue Bell Lime Sherbet […]

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How NOT to Make Mommy Friends

Trying to make mommy friends is very often compared to dating– lots of hanging around, making discreet eye contact, sizing up the prospects… Add to that scheduling conflicts around naps and mealtimes, geographic desirability, and toddler temperaments and I’d say that the mommy “dating pool” is far more brutal… and mostly out of our control. […]

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