All I Want for Christmas is a Army of Elves to Pack Us Up and For It To Be December 21st. Is That So Hard?

Every hour that I don’t get a call from the assistant school principal so that we can have yet another awkward conversation about what my son has done today (as opposed to yesterday or the day before or the day before that…), I reward myself with a little piece of chocolate. Man, am I pissed […]

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{Twitter Party} Virtual Piggy (#VirtualPiggy) Party + Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Piggy™   How It Works

Splash Creative Media is hosting another Virtual Piggy Twitter Party (#VirtualPiggy) with a fun little twist- a scavenger hunt! Here is how it will work. We will ask the questions, then let you search the site for the answers and a chance to win some very fabulous prizes (listed below). I will even give you a little cheat… […]

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{Review} Sony Xperia Tablet S: The Ideal Family Tablet


At CES 2012, Sony eagerly showcased two very different takes on the tablet– the (original) Sony Tablet S and the Sony Tablet P.I The Tablet P had a clever little clam shell design, which made it perfectly compact and protected. It was just a tad aIwkward to use. Still, I would have loved to take home […]

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How to Sell on eBay

2012-11-26 20.16.30 - Copy

When my husband and his brothers were young boys, their mother had them go through their toys before Christmas and pare down anything that they no longer wanted/needed. Whatever was broken was discarded. Whatever was still in good condition or untouched since the previous Christmas was sold in a garage sale (which the boys were […]

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{Review} Location Lab’s “Safely Go” App Keeps Families In Touch with What Mattters Most


Why yes, I am guilty of getting my phone out to check the time and then completely forgetting to check the time. Et tu?  It happens every single time. I reach for my phone and inevitably find a tweet, a text, or an email that demands an immediate response… and down I go into the rabbit hole. 5… 10… 15 minutes […]

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STFU, Parents, Vicious or Wicked Funny?

STFU, Parents

I set aside “Monday Morning Status“, my weekly round-up of interesting sites and links from the web, to cover the ONE site that’s taken over my Internet today. STFU, Parents  This site, which is short for Shut the F*ck Up, Parents, is billed as a “public service” blog providing a “guide for parents on what NOT […]

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#VlogMom The Movies You Would Watch Forever


This week’s #VlogMom topic comes from… ME! The question I asked my fellow vlogging super stars was: If you could only watch THREE movies for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? I discovered this to be a terrific conversation starter when I used to date. (On first dates, especially!) It’s a relatively […]

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{Twitter Party} Shopping Goes Mobile with eBay

eBay Mobile app

I would like to share with you the four items I purchased on eBay this week. 1. OtterBox Defender Case for my iPad. The final and most definitive sign that my iPad have officially been ceded to the children. 2. A sun shade for my windshield. The final and most definitive sign that we live in […]

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