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2012 : Endings Bring New Beginnings

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012.

This year is going to be bringing lots of new changes to my life and to this site. My contract with DreamWorks Animation ends this year, so come March I’m off in a new direction. Time will tell what that direction will wind up being, but I plan to dust off some old projects, start some new ones, and actually be able to talk on this site about what I’m doing.

For certain, I’m going to be developing some games for the Android platform, with plans to port them to iOS before the end of the year. I also want to start working on the story and script for my own film, with pre-production beginning before the year is out if I’m lucky. I’ll also be dusting off the code to the 3D and compositing application I was working on before starting at DreamWorks, and I hope to release it as Open Source once I get it a bit further along.

Today my wife and I were talking about what our New Year’s Resolutions should be this year. We decided that mine should be “Embrace Your Passions.” And that is exactly what I aim to do.

So here’s to New Endings… and to New Beginnings.


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